PBS KIDS® Preschool Programming Block

With its proven know-how in integrating education, entertainment and active participation among young viewers, Out of the Blue was tapped to produce and direct the second and third seasons of the PBS KIDS® popular preschool programming block, featuring Miss Lori, Miss Rosa and Hooper. With a mix of live-action and animation, the second and third seasons of the top-rated block delivered engaging new lessons on literacy, science, math and art through age-appropriate topics such as instruments, animals, numbers and shapes, as well as provide opportunities for kids to connect the lessons they learned back to their daily lives.

The third season, which launched on May 19, 2008, introduced two talented teachers to the innovative mix of learning and fun. Jennifer Pena, who joined the cast as “Miss Rosa,” helps young viewers learn key Spanish words and phrases while guiding them through special curriculum-based activities, while “Mr. Steve,” musician Steve Roslonek, performs original and catchy songs based on the day’s lessons, encouraging kids to sing and play along. Fans of the PBS KIDS preschool destination will also recognize the familiar faces of “Miss Lori” (played by Lori Holton Nash) and loveable, animated guinea pig sidekick, Hooper, who return to deliver even more engaging new preschool lessons.

In addition to the new seasons of the multiplatform preschool destination, Out of the Blue also helped create and produce cutting-edge new segments for a bilingual DVD hosted by “Miss Rosa.” PBS KIDS Raising Readers issued the DVD in 10 cities across the nation in partnership with local PBS stations. The February 2008 release also showcases episodes from Out of the Blue’s first original program, the critically-acclaimed literacy series SUPER WHY.